welcome to stensrud playhouse! join us for improv in missoula, mt.

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Zootown Improv



Get off the couch. Turn off the TV. Feed the dog and grab your friends for a night of belly laughs! Zootown Improv offers a night of improv and sketch comedy that’ll leave you smiling. Ages 17 and over.


6:30pm – Doors open
7-7:30pm – “Improv with a side of pizza”
7:30 – 9pm – MAIN SHOW
9:30-10:30pm – RAW improv (one hour of straight improv!)
TICKETS: 2 for $22/$12 each for ALL shows, or $5 for just RAW improv.

Check out our calendar and GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! 
Limited seating!

Murder at the Stensrud


Year-round Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre!

Come and help us solve “Who dunnit?” at our next show, Spirits of Suspicion - by David Landau:

A comic tribute to the THIN MAN movies. Dick and Dora Charles are invited to a seance at the Top Hat Club, owned by Dick’ s old friend Bunny. Bunny wants to contact her murdered husband, Rocky – a gangster who supposedly hid a million dollars somewhere in the club.
But the seance goes awry as a female patron of the club becomes possessed by both Rocky and the female singer who was murdered along with him. Dick and Dora face off to see who can be the first to solve who killed Rocky and where the missing million dollars is in this 1940′s mystery.

Spirits of Suspicion starts July 12th! Check out our calendar and GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Limited seating! Catered by Tarantino’s!

Summer Camps!

Whodunnit? Mystery Theatre Camp with Dessert!

“Homeroom of Doom”

A Comedy Horror Play by Lee Mueller

Strange things are happening in Mrs. Abernathy’s High school home room. More than half of her students are absent or late and there’s strange chanting sounds coming from the hallway. Student Council President Heather Graves maintains the chants are coming from the creepy janitor Mr Crowley. Heavy metal Doom Core expert Scott insists the chants are are actually spells that will unleash a ancient Carpathian Curse upon the school. Cody believes the Zombie Apocalypse is about to begin. And Kelsey thinks everyone is overreacting to what is just a flu outbreak or senior prank. But what about those bizarre zombie-like students appearing in the doorway? Who wants to leave the safety of home room and find out?

Whodunnit? Camp (2 wks)
M-F    Ages 12-17         July 28-August 8       10am-3pm
Performance August 9th